Photoshoot of TRN Lamps designed by Pani Jurek 

"For the new photo session of the TRN collection, I have used ceramic miniatures of lamps and architectural models. While everything around me was becoming more and more virtual and it was impossible to work in real space, this form seemed to be the most appropriate for me. By creating this imaginary, but true, analog space, I wanted to somehow oppose and free myself from the dominant aesthetics of virtual realities. Each of the photos is a separate abstract composition full of dynamic light, saturated colors, non-obvious connections and references. In this way, I continue to develop concept that I took up in creating the TRN collection, about treating space and real objects as tools for building abstract painting compositions."
Pani Jurek

Photographer: Maciek Miloch
Set Designer: Natalia Mleczak
Retouch: Marta Zielinska
Production: Contents

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