Display of six terracotta vases varying in shapes and sizes cast shadows against a warm, homely background of painted muted indigo and red walls with archways and an overcast golden staircase atop a red block.
Sand-colored vessel with a base shaped like a three-tier cake and a top like an upside-down vase with two handles stands on two beige and peach wooden blocks. A descending staircase against a light orange background stops at a textured, copper-painted wall. Dark blue accents contrast the warm, earthy tones.
Two-handled, crimson clay vase with a wide conal base and a narrow center that bulges near the top casts a shadow upon a coral platform. The background consists of overlapping geometric shapes: a smooth nude-colored rectangular wall, a gold staircase, and dashes of vibrant blue.
Muted orange clay vase with a bulging round center and a taller pastel pink figure with a ridged, accordion-like top are cast in shadow against an indigo wall with three archways. Two orange arches and a forest green staircase fill the gaps in the background.
Two-handled, grainy black vase with a conal base stands on a vibrant peach platform emerging from a pink archway. A grainy orange vase with a round bulging center rests adjacent, and an upside-down red and pink staircase hangs from the ceiling against a muted lilac wall.
Three grainy, sand-colored vases with conal or accordion bases stand in front of a dark pink archway that casts a looming shadow. A yellow and red block decorate both sides.
Honeysuckle yellow, vase-shaped figure with a hollow oval center rests atop a muted pink platform, and a pastel yellow clay seashell stands adjacent. Curvy salmon, yellow, and orange structures provide a dynamic, dimensional backdrop.
Pink clay vase with a narrow center and accordion top stands next to an orange ceramic seashell and a glazed pink vase with four handles and circular reliefs while another vase with circular bulges and spherical handles stands on a pink staircase. The playful neutral-colored background consists of a tan structure with abstract cutouts.
Ridged, octagonal pink clay vase with trapezoidal handles and dangling hoops rests against an arched nude wall. Blotch-shaped pink, gold, and salmon platforms decorate a muted pink floor and a smooth ascending pink staircase stands on the right.
Three glossy, salmon pink pottery with eccentric shapes descend upon magenta steps and stand in front of a tan wall with a hole displaying the pink background; one is cylindrical with four handles and circular reliefs that look like glasses, the second is a curved beaker, and the third has circular bulges with spherical handles.
Pastel buttercream yellow and autumn orange ceramic seashells rest upon salmon pink platforms. An indigo seashell lies on a muted pink ground. Geometric shapes of sunny yellow, deep orange, and rich purple interweave in the backdrop.
Glossy black vase with two snowman-like bulges and a trapezoidal cap is decorated with painted white lines and squiggles. The background is playfully dimensional with overlapping royal blue, cream, and emerald green geometric shapes.
Four black vases uniquely painted with white designs are elevated upon cream-colored, wavy platforms against a dimensional royal blue background of overlapping arches.
Cylindrical cobalt blue vase with a beaker top stands next to three vases elevated on beige steps. One is solid cobalt with a cylindrical base, a beaker top, and two handles while the other two are cream-colored with blue designs. The backdrop consists of dimensional copper and beige shapes that add depth and abstraction.



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