Grapefruit is split in two halves, one tilting upon a cake-like stack of glossy royal blue and black paint-splattered bases and the other with a flat-handled fork protruding. An arched, sky blue straw curves from a royal blue triangular shape, and an accordion-folded white sheet spreads upon the pastel pink countertop.
Split-open honeydew rests upon a black dish splattered with white paint, which sits alongside an empty, cross-shaped black bowl with white blotches and atop a baby pink tablecloth. A white cup with black specks holds a wilting bubblegum pink petal.
Playfully paint-splattered dishes sit atop a vibrant turquoise countertop. A pink octopus tentacle emerges from a royal blue cup with white splatters, and two pomegranate halves lie tilted. A rubbery sky blue cord cuts through a silk pink backdrop.
Four planar forks with flat, rectangular handles stick out of open papaya-like thorns. One fork rests upon a cloudy blue tablecloth, and a singular, curved pink shape made out of construction paper contrasts the smooth, bold blue background.
Bumpy red straw pokes through a translucent rose petal resting upon two white plates with squared corners. Roughly cut pink construction paper encloses half of a lime. Flattened utensils lie on a cobalt accordion-folded paper and a coral wick candle impales a blue platform. A white, blue-splattered puck stands in the back.