Symmetrical art display of abstract, wavy-edged structures stands against a pastel banana yellow to strawberry pink gradient backdrop. The centerpiece has a darker yellow to pink gradient while burgundy red, lilac edged and glossy indigo, coral edged structures rest on both sides.
Three unique, glossy structures with wavy edges that make them appear like puzzle pieces rest upon muted purple wooden blocks and create a vibrant display with their bright coral, royal blue, and light caramel palette.
Series of colorful, abstract structures with wavy edges creates a visual illusion of dimensional waves. The centerpiece has a lilac to tropical orange gradient and is surrounded by vibrant, solid hues of royal blue, orange, burgundy, pink, and lavender.
Abstract, wavy border painted a banana yellow to muted indigo gradient on the left side and a banana yellow to bubblegum pink on the right creates a puzzle piece-shaped entryway into a symmetrical, wavy-edged structure that also has a soft yellow to indigo gradient. The backdrop has a gentle light pink to pastel yellow fade.
Vanilla white structure lined with pink appears like a wavy-edged puzzle piece with a circular hole, and an identical chocolate brown structure rests upside down upon a smooth wooden slab with a bubblegum pink topping. The backdrop is painted a pastel indigo, giving off the aura of a sunset.
Almost monochrome display with a lilac background and a small bouquet of lilacs has a dash of color from the lilac to light green gradient of the abstract, wavy-edged centerpiece and a green stem.
Four identical structures with flat tops and bottoms and wavy-edged sides stand angled against a backdrop with a sunrise palette of light pink to a mystical indigo. Each structure has a unique, summery color gradient, all within a range of orange, coral, lavender, yellow, and muted green.
Artistic structure with even, wavy edges has a summery yellow to bubblegum pink gradient and partially blocks an identical structure with a lilac to yellow fade. The backdrop has a gentle pastel pink to yellow gradient.
Three abstract, puzzle-like structures with perfectly-aligning wavy edges face leftward. The centerpiece has a vibrant purple to tropical orange gradient while the surrounding pieces are solid blue with an orange edge and burgundy with a purple edge. The backdrop is bubblegum pink and dusky purple, divided by a straight line.
Colorful displays of puzzle-like structures with circular holes are painted pastel lavender, light lime, and a deep royal blue with a red edge. The backdrop is divided into four solid-colored sections of green, lilac, burgundy, and muted coral.
Symmetrical display of a bubblegum pink wavy-edged, puzzle-like shape with a circular hole facing an identical butterscotch yellow figure frames a vibrant, royal blue structure with wavy sides that perfectly align with the edges of the other two structures.