Hermès Beauty Rouge Hermès in Rose Ombré, labeled
Three lipstick swatches of berry and rose-red colors.
Perfume bottle with a black label and white letters, labeled
Tilted black Oio bottle nestles into an elegant, glass outstretched hand. Another bottle labeled
Velvet red perfume bottle, labeled
Sisley-Paris Le Phyto-Rouge lipstick with a gold base, labeled
Five cosmetic products cast shadows along with a shadow of tree leaves. Products are labeled,
Off-white perfume bottle with a gold cube-shaped lid, labeled
Sisley-Paris Le Phyto-Rouge lipstick with a gold base, labeled
Translucent nail polish, labeled AmazingGreen, is stuck to the middle of a branch with magenta tips. Marbled red, white, and blue spheres decorate the branch. The background is a radial gradient from light to dark blue.
Precipitation bubbles form on the lid of a frozen perfume bottle, labeled
Astier de Villatte's Elixir Du Dr. Flair perfume bottle rests atop a square table covered in plastic wrap. A curved twine adorning red holiday berries and inflated plastic blossoms curl up and over the perfume. The background has a mint green to dark teal radial gradient.
Unscrewed bold red NARS mascara bottle sits upon a metallic coral to sea green gradient surface while the mascara brush rests above. Lustrous droplets reflecting the background colors scatter throughout.
Ruffled sand-colored sheet covers a perfume bottle, labeled
Perfume bottle, labeled
Three milk-white face cream jars cast shadows; one with its lid open, another with an unopened lid, and one facing upward, labeled
Clear square perfume bottle with a gleaming silver top and logo rests upon a stack of mossy stones. Decorative flowers are taped onto three rigid bamboo sticks, providing a mystical ambience.
Bobbi Brown lipstick, labeled
Freshly opened red Fenty Beauty lipstick comes in a prismatic peach-colored case. Puddles of metallic liquid reflecting crisp blue, light pink, and yellow hues are dispersed throughout. The backdrop merges from a night blue to a warm crimson.
Steely Histoires de Parfums bottle reflects an amber gleam as it rests upon a web of coal black leather and rubber tires that snake throughout. An edgy red glow seeps from the bottom of the background.
a group of bottles of perfume sitting on top of a table.
Deep red Hansel lipstick encased in gold rests upon evenly distributed forest green puddles that take the form of cobblestones. A stark yellow glow reflects off of the opaque liquid.
Smooth, matte COMME des GARÇONS Copper bottle tilts backwards upon a block of copper clay that rests atop a veined, metallic slab with gold, silver, and maroon streaks running through. The backdrop has a copper sheen that creates a silk-like effect.
Royal burgundy Amouage perfume with a shiny golden T-shaped top sits upon an uncanny heap of white wires, a green sponge, and a marble slab with deep red veins. Baby pink latex and crumpled white plastic form a dynamic backdrop.
Perfume bottle, labeled
Four black Oio bottles scrawled with yellow, blue, pink, and orange signatures are paired with closed boxes painted with vibrant, abstract daubs. The boxes read,
Nine perfume bottles, colored amber, tea green, and yellow cast shadows, positioned in various directions on a two-toned beige and navy blue surface.
Three white Vianek bottles: a dropper bottle of serum and two creams are decorated with floral designs and rest in front of a display of salmon-colored blocks and bunches of cheerful red, orange, yellow, and pink flowers.
Perfume bottle, labeled
Three coffee brown Alba containers stack unevenly atop each other next to tree-like green stems with pink flowers. The top and bottom containers read,
Bee perches on the shoulder of a sculpture of a female body where a perfume bottle, labeled
Perfume bottle, labeled

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